PHS Annual Meeting hosts William Hosley!

William Hosley will be the featured speaker at the Poultney Historical Society’s Annual Meeting on Sunday, September 24 at 2pm in the United Baptist Church of Poultney on the East Poultney green. Hosley is a graduate of Middlebury College and the Winterthur Program in Early American Culture. He brings a wealth of experience as a collector, historian, photographer, educator, and preservationist.

Hosley’s talk, Reading Places: Art, Architecture & Gravestones in Early Vermont, will demonstrate how art, architecture, and artifacts can help us to understand historical experience and can evoke specific people, places and situations.

Art and History intersect at the point where people shape their environments.

This lecture presents a version of Vermont history that begins with looking at objects made and used by the State’s early settlers. In developing their towns, Vermonters created a wide range of things that speak to their values, background, skills, and cultural attitudes. Their architecture, gravestones, furniture, ironwork, paintings, pottery and textiles are evocative documents of specific people, places and situations. This lecture will demonstrate how art and artifacts can be used to understand historical experience. It will also introduce the audience to outstanding public and private collections throughout Vermont which they may like to visit.


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